Our Treatment Programme


Indian Head Massage

Our therapist will help to relax you, with an enhancing massage on the upper back and shoulders.

Indian head massage is performed lying down, to give full benefits to the recipient and to help them unwind better.

You will leave feeling refreshed and invigorated!

Our treatments last thirty minutes and can be booked first thing in the morning or last thing in the evening.

These treatments make a great introduction to massage and are also fantastic gift ideas!

Thai Yoga Massage

Our therapist has over decade of experience in giving these very fulfilling massages. It mixes acupressure with some of the elements of yoga, to give a restorative feeling to both body and mind.

This massage therapy helps to promote relaxation and uses some stretching techniques.

To get the best out of this treatment, we advise booking the ninety minute slot, although a sixty minute session is also available.

Loose clothing is advisable for these sessions.

Deep Tissue Massage

This is the treatment to choose for chronic aches and pains and easing tensions in a particular area.

Our trained remedial massage therapist can prescribe a tailor made plan for you and your specific needs.

The therapist uses a range of techniques, to help ease tension in the muscles and reduce stiffness. This is a good treatment for anyone with mobility problems to have.

This treatment is available in half hour, forty five minute and one hour slots.



This is a traditional Japanese form of healing that helps by eliminating tension and stress from the body. By promoting a natural relaxation it helps to restore the patient to full health.

Reiki is popular with many clients who are new to massage as it is non invasive and does not require the removal of clothing!

This makes it the perfect therapy for anyone uncomfortable with the idea of undressing.

Try our fifteen minutes taster sessions or book a longer session for a more thorough relaxation.


Reflexology is the belief that every reflex on the human foot correlates to a part of the body.

Therefore, reflexology can help eliminate tension and stress from all over the body, as well as being genuinely relaxing in its own right.

Boost your circulation and feel naturally soothed, with one of our reflexology sessions – treatments are available in half and full hour slots.